ANItools is a software package written by PERL scripts that can be run in a Linux/Unix system. If you want to compare bacterial genomes and calculate their average nucleotide identity (ANI), you could download and run this program directly. Or you could send us the genome sequence by email. Then we will do the analysis work for you.


Download the latest version of the program here.


The most current Web version of the manual is available here.
The most current Linux version of the manual is available here.


If you use the ANItools, please cite the following papers:
Wen Z, Pengcheng D, Han Z, et al. Whole-genome sequence comparison as a method for improving bacterial species definition.[J]. Journal of General & Applied Microbiology, 2014, 60(2):75-78.


ANItools version 2.0 was released in December 2015.
ANItools version 1.0 was firstly released in December 2011.


Q: Could I use this program under Windows system?
A: No. This version of ANItools only works under Linux/Unix system.

Q: How man strains used in the current database and what are they?
A: 2773 strains, 1487 species and 668 genera are covered in this version, which are all complete sequences downloaded from the NCBI ftp. The list of strain and their corresponding ID is available here.

Q: How could I get the ANI value between two strains both listed in the list?
A: The precomputed ANI values of all strains listed in the list is available here.

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